A Poem Written by Rev. Dr. Bart W. Milleson


I want to cry buckets of tears.

When I run from tears, I sink in denial.

Numbing down, dumbing down


I don’t want others to see my tears,

My wounds, my brokenness.

Hiding builds walls

Erecting barriers to intimacy

With God, others,

And my true self.

Tears denied pile pebbles pushing pedestals of position;

Rocks splinter inside

Cast outside


Being in Fellowship.

Good Shepherd, Jesus, hold me while I cry.

Your embrace helps us learn

Suffering teaches.

When we share our pain with God and others,

Connections form.

Hardened hearts become open ears.

Closed fists become open hands.

Together we can walk across water

To spread compassion where there is oppression;

Empathy replaces fear.

Jesus carries us through


Baptism’s cleansing waters help us discover shared tears can become bridges turning differences into blessings.

Shared suffering helps us go deeper on the search for ways to invite

God’s Kingdom Come.

 ©Bart W. Milleson

Poem Written by Rev Dr. Bart W. Milleson