Church Covenant

King, North Carolina

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to be instruments of healing for the Body of Christ by serving as instruments of God’s love; therefore, we commit ourselves to do all we can to build trust and protect the integrity of our relationships and shared ministry.

  • We will pray for ourselves, each other, and the on-going work of our church in developing a Vision Plan that will be in accordance with God’s will.
  • We will foster unity in the church family by inviting and encouraging the whole congregation to take part in planning and executing our ongoing ministry.
  • When conflict arises, we will use the process of reconciliation Jesus told us to see as recorded in Matthew 18:15-20.
  • As we share the goal of working together in a common mission, we will be forgiving, knowing that we all make mistakes; therefore, we will treat each other with patience, lightheartedness, and grace. We will learn from our mistakes.
  • We will take responsibility for communicating as clearly as possible, seeking to help others understand what we have to say. For instance, we will practice reflective listening; i.e., “I hear you saying that…”
  • We recognize we will share a diversity of opinions; therefore, at times we will choose to agree to disagree with each other. When we agree to disagree, we will continue to express love for each other.
  • We will learn how to compromise with each party being willing to give up some points to meet the common purpose of seeking God’s will.
  • We will refrain from spreading rumors and gossip, or making hurtful comments.
  • With joy and anticipation, we will step into the stream of the Holy Spirit and stay in the stream of the Holy Spirit encouraging each other to be and do all God has called us to be and do.