Amazon Smile

Attention Amazon Shoppers

We have a way for you to help the church financially each time you shop at Amazon. Amazon has a program that donates a small percentage of sales to charitable organizations like our church. It is easy to do, helps the church and you still get the great Amazon prices and services.

To participate in the program, do the following:
1-Instead of going to go to
2-Click on the “get started” button
3- If you already have an Amazon account, logon with your existing account or if not, you will need to create an Amazon account (it is free)
4- Next you pick your charity. In the search box enter “Trinity King”
5- In the results you should see “Trinity King United Methodist Church”, click the select button
6- Check the box that says “Yes I understand I must always start at to support Trinity……
7- Click “start shopping”

Now you have completed the one time set up.

From now on, you will need to go to (I suggest to bookmark it) anytime you want to purchase anything from Amazon and a small percentage of you item purchase price will be donated to our church.

Thank you for supporting the church in this manner and Happy Shopping!