Administrative Assistant Part Time Job Opening

If you would like to put in an application, Please include your resume.

THE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (SECRETARY) is under the direct supervision of the pastor. This position includes, but is not limited to, duties and responsibilities, both assigned and implied, relating to secretarial and administrative functions. Confidentiality is absolutely requested in handling many situations. Individuals must represent the multifaceted ministry of Trinity and the love of God to a diverse constituency. Task to be provided include, but not limited to the following:

1. Perform secretarial duties for the pastor, members, and church organizations.
2. Serve as a receptionist during the hours the church office is open. The administrative assistant and the pastor will decide on days and hours when the office will be open. (Currently, hours are 9am – 1pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)
3. Be Trinity’s ambassador to daily traffic through the church office.
4. Handle all correspondence.
5. Send letters and brochures to visitors.
6. Send memorial acknowledgements from the church to persons making memorial gifts and to the family. Keep the Book of Memory up-to-date.
7. Maintain a church filing system.
8. Keep church calendar. Schedule meetings.
9. Gather information for, type master copy, print and fold church bulletins.
10. Assist the communication committee in gathering information for newsletters.
11. Help prepare and type reports for the Charge Conference as required by the Discipline.
12. Prepare master and print minutes of Administrative Council meetings.
13. Pick up mail from the mail box each day.
14. Keep office reasonably clean and straight.
15. Clean copier on a regular basis.
16. Purchase printing and office supplies. Keep adequate supplies on hand.
17. Order rosebuds to be placed on the altar in thanksgiving for new babies.
18. Update information, type, print, fold, and assemble yearly church directory.
19. Keep Membership Book and all membership records up to date.
20. Assist the pastor by turning off all lights and locking church during work days.
21. Report any repairs needed in the church or facilities to the Board of Trustees. In some instances, call service persons and open church for them.
22. Assist the Cemetery Committee in acknowledging the sale of grave plots, reimbursing families when stone is erected, and keeping a record of grave plots sold.

The term of this covenant will be from February 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 and a calendar year thereafter. The administrative assistance and the staff-parish relations committee will re-evaluate this covenant every year and decide whether to renew or amend it.

The salary of the Administrative Assistant will be set by the Administrative Council upon recommendations of the staff-parish relations committee and the other committees and boards of the church. The church treasurer will pay the administrative assistance monthly on the Monday after the fourth Sunday of each month.

Two weeks of paid vacation will be granted each year. The church will provide a substitute to type the bulletin and perform other tasks that cannot wait until the Administrative Assistant returns.

Three days of paid sick leave will be granted each year.

This is the annual covenant with Trinity United Methodist Church for entering into the position of Administrative Assistant.